Ace Waters Gotta Go Slow will quickly break your Repeat button

Ace Waters

Gotta Go Slow

Released 19.Oct.2017

    Ferris Bueller once said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” There is one man who took that advice completely to heart and fused it into an amazing creation that is known as “Gotta Go Slow”. Ace Waters is a man who lives, breathes and sleeps music. You can tell from his website and bio that his heart is truly in each of his creations including his newest album. 

    Gotta Go Slow is something that has to be experienced when you have a minute to, well.. Go Slow. Initially upon listen you hear some beautiful ambient synths that are almost reminiscent of some vapor wave track getting spun up, but then you start to hear something that sounds familiar that your brain has logged from years ago and comes rushing back like an ocean tide. Its a slowed down version of Sonic the hedgehog theme music and once you realize what you are listening to, it becomes even more beautiful. You almost feel like you cheated your brain and didn’t pay enough attention to every one of those notes that blazed by as you filled your little blue monster’s craving for gold rings. However, there was one person who was listening with total attention and he is now sharing what you may have missed. 

    Its not all just slow versions of Sonic zones. A few other vocal themes made the cut as well. As I listened to this album for the second and third time, I am still amazed at the level of detail Ace has put into each tune in every facet of the songs from instrumentation, effects, mixing and straight up emotion. These tracks truly never sounded better. I am delighted by each track and find it damn right relaxing to listen to. It truly takes you to that calm zone where you can stop and feel the world turn. 

    Not only does this album offer nostalgia for all the years you shared with the little blue hedgehog, it becomes an amazing album of pure electronic synthesis. Even if this album didn’t recreate the many levels we spent hours trying to get past, it would still hold all its weight as a fantastic electronic record. The level of detail feels incredible and belongs as a staple in your music collection. I would even venture to say that it may even serve as some dinner with that special someone music, in the right scenarios. A very versatile record indeed. 

    Every instrument seems to be perfectly crafted to each track and fused with total precision.  The laid back “Green Hill Zone” has a great back beat with a beautifully executed synth lead. The piano in “Sky Chase Zone” sounds like it could easily be used in the next Adele hit, the acoustic guitar blends perfectly and each crescendo is beautifully executed. “Marble Zone” has the perfect amount of fuzz and darkness allowing you to be sucked into what you remembered the level looking like in younger days and with Mr. Water’s assistance, what dystopian land it may look like with the eyes of today. He even includes the quick little down scaled riff you almost forgot about, but instantly brings back the excitement upon hearing it. 

    “Casino Night Zone” is swanked up with some killer sax driving the lead with a swelling synth and suitcase style keys that are EQ’d ever so perfectly. “Sandopolis Zone” transports you directly to that level and you can feel the influence of each instrument adding to the tension including the bass drums fills in the back that move the track closer to the edge. “Labyrinth Zone” rounds out the trip back in time with a laid back ambient tribute complete with wandering leads and background synth swells riding along a synth bass line perfectly. 

    Mr. Waters also includes some Vocal oriented Sonic Themes including a mainstream radio-ready rendition of “Sonic Heroes” featuring Goodblood that has all of todays vocal pitched, hip hop infused goodness. He transforms the cock-rock laden “Live and Learn” into an emotionally crushing ballad that belongs in the end credits of a Nicholas Sparks movie and with some help from easily transforms the Punk-Pop “Escape from the City” into a smooth-ambient, motivational anthem full of lyrics totally missed in the hyper speed original versions.  All of the interpretations of the classic game compositions are treated with utmost respect. The same consideration and polish has also been given to the vocalized tracks making them all sitting nicely together in a beautiful One hour, Two minute collection. 

    This release is definitely a must have for me and I highly recommend it. Not only is it absolutely beautifully detailed music that deserves to be enjoyed multiple times, but it incites wonderful memories of the years when I didn’t have half of the cares and worries of Adult life. Mr. Waters has built a beautiful, musical time machine and is inviting all of us. I guarantee you will not listen just once. 

5 out of 5