Windows, Wires, Monsters & ___________

Created 10.2017

This was a reclaimed 6 pane window frame. The frame was painted in Miami Blue and Husqvarna Orange. Each piece of glass was removed and Acid-Etched. The first pane was the photo that originally inspired the cover for “Valley of Lost Connections”. The second pane is a monster based on a charcoal drawing. The third panel is a series of designs based on charcoal drawings. The fourth panel is the title panel. The fifth panel is a rom etching of an Atari 2600 game. The sixth panel is another monster based on a charcoal drawing. The outside edge of the frame is lined with ethernet cable from instruments used during the recording and mixing process of “Valley of Lost Connections”. The hanger wire is the actual guitar strings from my guitar used on the VOLC recordings. Each pane is lined with LED lights that are remote controlled. The lighting can be set to a solid color or set to fade through each color available.  This is one of the most personal pieces I have created that merges my music and art.

This piece is currently available for purchase. 

Please contact me if you are interested.